"Resurface" at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

"Resurface" will be screened at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, between the 25th and 29th of June 2008 at the Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood.


Alex is 25 years old. He is quadriplegic after an accident that happened in the sea four years ago. Since, He is swimming to surpass himself and wants to transform his handicap into the opportunity that will make him participate to the Paralympic games of Athens in 2004.
In the swimming-pool, Maria, his trainer, is training him harder and harder. She is anxious, and all this pressure makes her really emotive when unexpected situations come along, but she wants to believe in a medal.
Alex in the other hand is more self-controlled and pragmatic. His family and friends are strongly united around him.
Will he obtain the medal that everybody wants?

A few words about the directors

Alexander Papanicolaou and Emilie Yannoukou are working together five years and they are living together in France almost ten years. They directed a short documentary with Melpo Gavatha on the refugee houses of Alexandra's avenue in Athens, The Cell (2004), that has been seen in Thessaloniki's Documentary Film Festival in 2004. They worked with Giorgos Avgeropoulos for the TV show Exantas for the reportage Paris 2005, that was seen in Thessaloniki's Documentary Film Festival in 2006. They work also as independents for the Ministry of Agriculture in France, and for music labels in Greece and in France.

More infos on the website: http://www.personaproduction.com

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