The award winning, feature–length documentary, "RESURFACE" is now on dvd!!

"RESURFACE" is an up close and personal documentary about Alexandros Taxildaris, a 25 year old quadriplegic determined to overcome his limitations and compete as a swimmer in the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. Injured in a freak swimming accident, he returns once again to the water to “resurface.”

Duration: 62'
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English, Français.


Best Direction, 29th Palermo International Sport Film Festival.
Best medium-length documentary, Greek Film Center Award, 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.
Audience Award, 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

1rst Athens Emotion Picture Documentary & Disability Festival, Athens, Greece, 2007
30th Drama International Film Festival, Dama, Greece, 2007
29th Palermo International Sport Film Festival, Palermo, Italy, 2007
10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008
1rst Nicosia International Documentary Film Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2008
2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Los Ageles, USA, 2008
22nd Parnü International Documentary & Anthropology Film Festival, Parnü, Estonia, 2008
5th European Film Festival San Antonio, San Antonio, USA, 2008
2nd New York Greek Film Festival, New York, USA, 2008
10th Patra International Panorama of Independent Film & Video Makers, Patra, Greece, 2008
9th Medimed, Sitges - Barcelona, Spain, 2008
6th Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taichung, Taiwan, 2008
4th International Disability Festival "Breaking down barriers", Moscow, Russia, 2008
2nd Beldocs, Belgrade, Serbia, 2009

Next Festivals:
14ème édition du Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen (CMCA)

TV screenings:
PRISMA+, Chaîne publique de la TNT, en Grèce.

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